New Textiles 2012



Final Project Update – Furry Robots

I am a little behind on my project compared to my original timeline. Here is what I have accomplished so far: I have created a mock-up of what the toy robot will look like: I then structured how the inside of the elephant will look so the ears can be moved by a servo motor [...]


Koi-nobori means “koi rising” in Japanese. They are koi-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no Sekku, also known as Children’s Day. From April to early May, landscapes across Japan are decorated with koinobori. Since it is spring time, I thought it would be a cool project to make my own koinobori, [...]


For the knitting machine assignment. I knitted a ear muff structure. It can be used as a head piece for people or an earmuff for stuffed animals. At first, I had a lot of trouble with the knitting machine. The most frustrating part for me was that I could not get the yarn to cast [...]

DIY Furry Robots

For my final project, I want to make an interactive toy robot. I want to illustrate how simple, expressive, and versatile a robot can be. Goal: Make a robot Ambitious goal: Make a kit where people can assemble and program their own robot Brainstorm Sketch: Potential interactions: Sounds, movement, lights, color changes Human-toy interaction, toy-toy [...]


Inspiration: The computational design patterns reminded me of shadow puppets that are popular in Asia. Traditional shadow puppets are made out of cow hide. I wanted to recreate this using plastic and computational design. I used a adjusted a Voronoi code. You can download it here

Starry Night

One of my favorite painting is Van Gogh’s Starry Night as evidenced through the pictures below. I wanted to recreate an abstract version of this painting using silicon and optic fibers. I first built a molt using Legos, I left holes where fiber optics should go. I then cut up several fiber optics pieces and scored cuts [...]

Bunny Ears

Easter is right around the corner! Bunny Ears bring a paper bunny to life as it wiggles and moves its ears. 1. Cut out the bunny shaped template pictured below. You can download the pdf version at the bottom of this post. 2. Use conductive tape, flexinol, mosfet to outline the circuitry depicted below. Use [...]


1. For this project, I wanted to build an interactive dinosaur. The dinosaur will light up when you hold his hand. 2. I first laser-cut 6 pieces of wood to make the dino’s body 3. Then I glued all the parts together 4. Then I am made the “skin” of the dino out of felt [...]


For the color changing assignment, I wanted to explore how thermochromatic ink can help reveal emotions. I first sketched some facial expressions that could be represented using threads. Then I used a paper box to represent the face. I then sew the facial feature onto the fabric and the box Here are the results: cold [...]