New Textiles 2012

Ruled Surfaces & String Sculptures

For my Final Project for New Textiles 2012, I did a series of with string sculptures and made a structure in which they can be created, then removed and reused.

Ruled Surfaces/ String Sculptures

Final Project Update I plan to do a string sculpture or sculptures for my final project.. Below are images of where I am thus far… I have made a 6″ x 6″ structure in which to make string sculptures, and another large one that is approx. 24″ x 12″. I have lost some photos I [...]

3D Print Textile – Hauer Study

This week our assignment was to do either of two things… Do an embroidery or design and 3d print a textile structure. I began by trying to embroider one of my sketches.. but time was not on my side so I opted for doing the 3D print textile..

Knitting Assignment

This week our assignment was to: create two knit pieces, one by following an existing pattern and one by developing your own pattern.

Final Project Proposal – Computation in Carnival

Trinidad & Tobago is the land of steelpan (steeldrums), calypso (soca) and limbo; and our carnival is unique. More than 29 carnivals in the United States, more than 52 in England, 7 in Canada, and 4 throughout Europe are the product of Trinidad and Tobago’s Diaspora and are now welcomed by the larger populations in [...]

Lace-r Cut Lace

This week our assignment was to: “Write a program, or modify an existing program, to create a two dimensional pattern and use a laser cutter to turn it into a sheet of lace. You are also welcome to then incorporate the lace into a larger design.” My main objective was to try to familiarize myself [...]

How to convert PDF to Vector file in Illustrator & AutoCad

Below is the procedure for converting your pdf file to a vector file in Illustrator: Open your pattern in illustrator Ctrl+A (Select All) — Right click — Release clippling mask Delete background (may have to do this twice) Default Fill and Stroke Select None for Fill Object — Ungroup (if grouped) Unclick/ deselect everything Select [...]

Giacomo Balla’s Stained Glass Window

This week our assignment was to “Make a piece of flexible non-woven fabric at least 6″x6″ (~15cm x 15cm) with some noteworthy characteristic. (An unusual blend of materials, interesting structural characteristics, embedded circuitry, special electrical properties …?)” We were given a tutorial on casting latex rubber and silicone. I practiced using the latex rubber and [...]

Shape Changing Textile

Our assignment this week was to “create a soft, flexible, textile-based sensor and embed it in an Arduino project. Design a textile construction that changes shape using flexinol (nitinol) wire.“

KNight Riders’ Glove…

Concept – The KNight Riders’ Glove My mode of transportation in Cambridge is the bicycle and I wanted to make something that I could use while riding. I designed a glove that riders can use as an indicator when turning (or more) when riding at night. The LEDs on my glove will **FLASH** when the [...]