New Textiles 2012


3D printed “knitting”

This is my first 3D designed and printed object, so I tried a basic textile design featuring rows of interlocked loops, reminiscent of a knitted textile. I used SolidWorks, a 3D CAD design software popular among engineers and designers. First, I made a single “stitch”. Then I made an assembly of these stitch parts in [...]

We can embroider your picture

While I was searching for pattern codes and inspiration images, I came across this line-art image (a profile “photo” of this person’s website : The dashed hatch line thickens and thins in this image, and I thought it could be a perfect embroidery patter with a mixture of lines and fills. It also seems to [...]

Topological Knitting

I was fascinated by creating 3D knit structures with interesting topologies on a knitting machine, and wanted to see if I could create 3D structures by hand. Most hand knitting that I have done creates surfaces with some texture, but not with 3D protrusions. Here, I have experimented with a few techniques. With the knitting [...]

Almost fish

The knitting assignment is without a doubt the most frustrating one for me. I had so much trouble operating the machine. I spent most of the time trying to cast on, but i just couldn’t do it right. I lost needles almost every time. I think I got it right about 5 times out of [...]

Crimson and White Sock

For my knitting assignment, I followed the instructions for part 1 and was successfully able to create the required piece which ends up having more knitting in the middle of the piece and the structure of a mountain peak.  I had not used a knitting machine before so getting this piece right took many iterations [...]


The past two weeks, I spent a lot of time learning to operate a knitting machine. After many cast-on / cast-off failures, I finally managed to hone my skills. Through this weeks assignment, I worked on several different pieces. The first was provided as part of the assignment construction. I used the fine guage knitting [...]

laser cut lace final objects

Final Project Proposal: A professional style women’s vest with laser cut lace appliqué based on a mathematical design. The work will be an extension of the Laser Cut Lace assignment and will further the project by the creation of more Processing models and shapes fit to clothing dimensions. Project Goals: —Usable final product Durable: Lace [...]

A Garment That Breathes

For the final project, I will expand on my project from the moving textile assignment. I folded a collapsable structure with paper and used nitinol shaped like a spring to expand and collapse the structure as the current is switched on and off. The resulting motion made the paper structure look like it was breathing, [...]


Inspiration: The computational design patterns reminded me of shadow puppets that are popular in Asia. Traditional shadow puppets are made out of cow hide. I wanted to recreate this using plastic and computational design. I used a adjusted a Voronoi code. You can download it here

Rose Voronoi and Lorenz Attractor Designs

I made paper lace using a Voronoi diagram generated with a polar rose and a 2D graph of a Lorenz Attractor. The polar rose is a the forms generated by the equation r= a*cos(theta*n/d) and results in the possible forms shown below (from Wikipedia). I chose this equation because it produces a large range of [...]