New Textiles 2012

A Subtly Waving Dress.

For my final project, I decided to combine two concepts learned in class. The first was utilizing the laser cutting machine to cut a textile in a vornoi design. The second was integrating shape memory alloys (nitinol) into my garment to make it have a “live” component to it. To that end, I decided to [...]

Final Project Update

Tomorrow, I will begining working on cutting the fabric for my final project. To date, I have accomplished the following: 1. Generated and modified the vornoi diagram which will be used for the upper part of the dress: 2. Created an adobe illustrator file of the scallops that will also need to be lasercut Initially [...]


This week, I decided to expand on my bracelet line and add an embroidered piece to the mix. Although using an embroidery machine saved me from actually learning how to embroider, the process of having something to show for my work was a bit painful. I ran to a lot of issues which I describe [...]


The past two weeks, I spent a lot of time learning to operate a knitting machine. After many cast-on / cast-off failures, I finally managed to hone my skills. Through this weeks assignment, I worked on several different pieces. The first was provided as part of the assignment construction. I used the fine guage knitting [...]

A Waving Dress.

For my final project I am looking to create a dynamic  garment that utilizes the following techniques: Laser cutting Mixing Knit/Woven Fabrics Shape Memory Alloys My inspiriation comes from the designer Hussein Chalayan, who has used nitinol to create dynamic apparel. See video below. For my project, I would like to design a dress that utilizes these techniques [...]


A Bracelet Inspired by Lace = Lacelet. This week, I had the fortune of learning many new things, including how to use a lasercutter! It was awesome. As part of learning to use a lasercutter, I not only coded my first vornoid diagram (more details here - but I also made my first bracelet using canvas fabric [...]


This week, since I had never caste silicon, I decided to focus my project on learning the basics of casting. However, as with all of my projects, I wanted to ensure that there was seme functional purpose to me efforts. Introducing the Walicon — A Wallet Made of Silicon. In addition to making a function [...]

Swatch It.

Do you…
Think swatches are really cool?
Find it painful to have to lift each swatch piece yourself when you are using a swatch board?
Wish there was some way to utilize swatches to make an interactive piece of art?


Are you new to yoga? If so, do you ever wonder if you are actually doing the poses right? Well to help guide you a bit better, I have prototyped a yogamat that contains sensors to help tell you whether or not your weight is balanced. In order to make this, I first started by [...]

Checks to Stripes.

We all know that todays lastest fashion is tomorrow’s vintage. In order to address this fact, I have designed a color changing textile that allows for the transition from checks to strips by the push of a button…