New Textiles 2012


Extension Rock_Update

The first iteration of the Extension Rock was completed with 2 100′ lengths of Nylon Braided roap. The weaving pattern was a standard underover warp and weft procuding what some call the Bumble Bee Cover. At first, the weave was extremely taught and didn’t allow for the desired ergonomic depression depression. After we had some [...]

Re-Link Bracelet

The re-link Bracelet is a simple investigation into a repeatable link module that can chained together to produce a textile with multiple axes of flexure. I started by looking at the interlocking geometries of a single loop using line geometry in Rhino and the “pipe” command to give it thickness. I progressed from 1 link [...]

Extension Rock

My final project proposal uses the textile framework of a rocking chair. It uses 2 cnc cut parabolic rails that interlock at 1 slip joint. The project references 3 precedents: 1. The extension lines space suit with research from Deva Newman: 2: The differntiated aggregate patterning of Neri Oxman’s Beast Chair: 3: The Hardoy Butterfly [...]

Mystery of Good Friday

I gained access to the knitting machine on Good Friday and had exactly 45 minutes to produce my knit piece. I used the fine knit machine and pulled 20 needles. After not lowering the brush wheels for the first two passes, I was off. I used a purple and white and alternated based on intuition. [...]

Hot Fold

I wanted to make something that would bloom. I used some folding patterns developed by Ron Resch and simplified them into a unit. Below is the diagram. Folding lamp Matrix I used did a series of tests to determine what the best stitch pattern for a shrinking flexinol wire. These are the diagrams: Folding lamp [...]


This project takes on the function of the elbow patch on a typical mens sport or hunting jacket as a bend mechanism. The ROBO-CUFF can be programmed to heighten the intensity of light or blink with increase elbow bend, or less, depending on the adverse effect of the bent arm gesture the wearer desires to [...]

Color Changing Textile_Cardio Couture

CARDIO COUTURE Circuit Description: This project is a proposal for a reactive wearable. A Hug pushes a button to run current through a circuit heating the contour of a heart on the breast pocket of a shirt. (2) Traces: Battery to Swtich =12.2 (m)ohms Switch to Battery = 8.9 (m)ohms Total Resistance = 21.1 (m)ohms [...]